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Passion can drive a lot of innovation, and at Rainway we have a lot of it. So we built the worlds fastest game streaming protocol. Learn more here. 05/09/2018 · The PC game-streaming app, Rainway, has had quite an interesting history on Nintendo Switch. The development team showed the app running several times in numerous teases, and even went to the point of showing it off on Switch in a video advertisement. Despite these.

24/04/2017 · A free app that basically hijacks the Switch and gives it the ability to stream games from your PC could be extremely bad for Nintendo, especially if it means the difference between streaming Stardew Valley off your Steam account instead of, say purchasing a copy of Stardew Valley for the Switch. Rainway App Nintendo Switch: Here are the.

17/10/2018 · Streaming portal Rainway is something we've had our eyes on here at Nintendo Life for some time, mainly because from the get-go the company has been keen to stress that, should things ago according to plan, the Nintendo Switch is a big part of the future. The firm has not only shown off the app.</plaintext> 13/06/2017 · — Rainway @RainwayApp June 12, 2017. Is this opportunistic attention grabbing, or is Rainway going to announce upcoming support for the Nintendo Switch? The idea of using a web connection to stream our PC games to the Switch and therefore have them on the portable or TV with ease is undoubtedly exciting, but would Nintendo really allow this?</p> <p>04/12/2017 · Video streaming app Rainway - which will allow you to beam games from your PC to a wide array of devices - is shaping up to be one of the more interesting pieces of software we've seen in recent years. Ever since the app was confirmed, Switch has figured quite prominently, with team citing it as one. 16/10/2017 · One of the intriguing plotlines of the early months of the Switch was the very public efforts of those behind the Rainway streaming app to promote its future on the system. If you need a reminder, it's an app that allows you to stream a PC to a variety of devices via web browser technology.</p> <p>If the team behind the streaming application is to be believed however, they are in talks with Nintendo and “things” are going pretty well. “Nintendo has neither confirmed or denied Rainway on the Switch” a post from Rainway on Discord reads. “But, talks have been going and things are working out well. We are currently actively developing Rainway for Android and the Xbox One. The Switch is not in active development as we have not received approval from Nintendo to do so yet. When we have an update, one will be posted. 29/01/2018 · I have a switch on 3.0.1. And I would like to know on how to use Rainway on it. I already downloaded the streamer on my windows 10 pc. But how do i use. Rainway allows you to launch all your PC games from one place on your home computer or inside of a browser on; Mac, Windows, Linux or even a Chromebook. 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